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Employee NameTitleEmail
John Mountjoy Big Boss Person
Tammy Caudill Head Start Director
Linda Patton Education Manager
Christopher Holiday DS/MH; CACFP/Nutrition Manager
Melissa Noe F/CP & Health Manager
Donna Creech Trans/Facilities & Office Mgr.
Melissa Johnson Director
Mary Francis Director
Sheila Blackburn Director
Christy Mullins FSW
Pamela Q Osborne FSW
Ashly Wright FSW
Michelle Todd FSW
Sandy Byrd FSW
Darlene Thorpe Teacher
Betty Taulbee Teacher Aide
Sharlotte Over Cook
Homer Whitley Bus Driver
Darrell Shouse Executive Director
Krista Thorpe Bus Monitor
Martha Turner Teacher
Grace Partin Cook
Phillip White Bus Driver
Hallie Caudill Bus Monitor
Cecily Howard Teacher Aide
Candice Taulbee Teacher
Janice Barnett Cook
Sandra Herald Bus Monitor
Sarah Griffin Teacher
Hailey Collins Teacher Assistant
Lynda Griffin Teacher
Vanessa Flinchum Teacher Aide
Jordan Frye Teacher
Samantha Pelfrey Teacher Aide
Melissa Spencer Teacher
Teresa Marshall Teacher Assistant
Brian Mayse Bus Driver
Teresa Thomas Bus Monitor
Katrina Noble Driver
Terena McHatton Bus Monitor
Steve Caudill Driver/Janitor
Cindy Evans Bus Monitor
Linda Palmer Bus Monitor
Bernice Ward Cook
Bethany Gabbard Cook
Larry Barrett Maintenance
Dena Maloney Teacher
Recca Roberts Teacher Aide
Amber Perry Teacher
Candi Clifford Teacher Assistant
Valeria Hayes Executive Director
David Maloney Teacher
Joyce Elkins Teacher Assistant
Peggy Gingerich Teacher
Kayla Taulbee Teacher Assistant
Amanda Bush Teacher
Deloris Powell Teacher Aide
Valisa Baker Floater
Joni Bowman Bus Monitor
Timothy Bass Bus Driver
Melissa Lawson Bus Monitor
Donnie Campbell Bus Driver
Elizabeth Hatton Bus Monitor
Jennifer Collinsworth Bus Driver
Andrew Robinson Bus Monitor
Lincoln Hatton Custodian
Pam Bush Cook
Carrie Whisman Cook
Debby Hoskins Administrative Assistant
Sarah Curry Mentor Coach
Amber Bloyd CP Admin/ERSEA Specialist
Marisol Ortiz Migrant Head Start Manager
Brenda Tallent Transportation/Facilities Manager
Ashley Strunk Nutrition Contant Area Manager
Whitney Logan Health Manager
Heidi Ard Disability Manager
Sarah Curry Mentor Coach
Rachel Ragan-Wiles Family and Community Content Area Manager
DeAnna Humphress Local Area Manager deanna.
Anne Southwood Head Start Director
Libby Brown Assistant Director
Gina Harmon Local Area Manager
Sally Shepherd Director, Kentucky Head Start Collaboration Office
Carla Brown Children Services Director
Mallory Combs Teacher
Cari Puleo Early Head Start Manager
Teesha Keen Mentor Coach
Rebecca Shipp Edmonson County Head Start Center Manager
Elizabeth Grubb Center Manager
Hannah Yocum Center Manager
Nadene Robinson Assistant Center Manager
Shana Thrasher Early Head Start Teacher
Lesa Mattingly Assistant Center Manager
Lauren Mason Administrative Assistant LAUREN.TURNER@PADUCAH.KYSCHOOLS.US
Patsy Robinson Receptionist
Alisha Sharp Teacher
Penny Hite Teacher
Jason Hammonds Teacher
Tanya Jones Children Services Manager
Kristy Lewis Director
Tiffany Brown Early Childhood Disability Coordinator
Rachael Reams SLP
Jeanne Peters Program Specialist
Mandy Moore Family Services Manager
Kim Withrow Family Advocate
Angel Lawrence Family Advocate
Melinda Harrell Family Advocate
Crystal Hunt Family Advocate
Pamela Smith Family Advocate
Halee Spears Instructional Assistant
Keristen Patterson Instructional Assistant
Ella Merritt Instructional Assistant
Dale Beck Custodian
Taylor Anderson Teacher
Jessica Thomas Teacher
Kaitlin Clayton Teacher
Haley Fain Teacher
Angela Workman Teacher
Amberly Houser Teacher
Meghan Hurley Teacher
April Throgmorton Teacher
Robbie Proctor Teacher
Robert Proctor Teacher
Lesa Cooper Center Manager
Emily Collins Center Manager
Tracy Jenkins Director
Patti Miller Quality Control Manager
Stacy Blanton Secretary/Purchasing Agent
Tammy Taulbee Health Services Manager
Lori Howard Nutrition Services Manager
Misty Howell Mental Health Services Manager
Tammy Scarberry Education Services Manager
Missy Spears Family Services Manager
Angela Edwards Family Service Worker
Juanita Williams Teacher
Miranda Shoulta Teacher
Hannah Conyer Teacher
LaCheryl Hill Teacher Assistant
Amber Shelton Teacher Assistant
Winter Rawlins Teacher Assistant
Jestean Howard Teacher Assistant
Ilene Nieves Teacher Assistant
LaDora Patterson Teacher Assistant
Tammi Whitton Teacher Assistant
Margena Traughber Teacher Assistant
Lesa Seay Teacher Assistant
Laurie Lynn Teacher Assistant
Sophia Mitchell Teacher Assistant
Joy DiNovo Teacher Assistant
Julie Wheeler Teacher Aide
Kristi Bartley Teacher Assistant
Julie Wheeler Teacher Aide
Tony Austin Custodian
Marlie Byrd Cafeteria Manager
Rose Smith Cafeteria Worker
Jeanetta Powers Bus Monitor
Clarence Johnson Bus Monitor
Rose Smith Bus Monitor
Brittany Ballowe Receptionist
Test Contact Unassigned
Doug Hantke Big Boss Person
Josie Harlan Education Manager
Gabrielle Wilkerson Behavioral Specialist
Heather Hood ERSEA Specialist
Donna Taylor Education Manager
Jennifer Goodlett Health Specialist
Jennie Pate Resource Supporter
Tia Smith Disabilities Coordinator
Karen Wilder Family Services Manager
Nikki Oliver Child Development Specialist
Kathy Wimberley Quality Mentor
Jennifer Samudio Quality Mentor
Patty Wireman Program Services Coordinator
Jessica Wolf Local Area Manager
Gabriella Greenwell Program Director
Trisha Naiko Local Area Manager
Missy Saylor Child Development Director
Denise Fee Professional Development Manager
Melissa Ross Health Manager
Karla Lambdin Disability Manager
Pamela Milligan Parent Education Specialist
Jason Sawyers Home Base Specialist
Michelle Johnson Nutrition Specialist
Cheryl Dean Preschool Education Specialist
Joannie Mills Infant Toddler Education Specialist
Debbie Napier Mentor Coach
Lynn Stephenson Family Services and Community Manager
Flossie Gibson Education Manager
Jessica Stallsworth Community Engagement Specialist
Martina Roe Director of Early Childhood Services
Teresa DeBord Health Manager
Regina Yerian Family & Community Partnership Manager
Amanda Branham Quality Control Manager
Linda Burton Nutrition Manager
Christy Jenkins Education Manager
Jennifer James Disability/Mental Health Manager
Evan ONeal Assistant Director of Early Chiljdhood
Melissa Hamilton Director
Jacquelyne Richardson COO
Carey Cline Executive Assistant
Felicia Jackson ERSEA Manager
Tara Truckor Family and Community Services Manager
Christine Killen Director of Early Childhood Services
Kelsey Turley Data Cooridinator
Rhonda Martin Head Start Director
Pamela Chandler Director
Alyce Hammond Director
Faye Pitman Family Liaison
Dana Ellis School Readiness Specialist
Jennifer Ellis Curriculum Specialist
Kathy Kelley Family Liaison
Kristen Zahn Secretary
Edwina Jacobs Bookkeeper
Stephanie Gimpel School Nurse
Jennifer Campbell Special Education Coordinator
Jarrod Brockman Director
Donna White Education/Family Service Manager
Angela Lucas Disabilities/Health Manager
Holly Gedling Data Entry
Joy Neff Family Service Coordinator
Tasha Critchelow Family Service Coordinator
Rachel Lyons Teacher
Jennay Jeffries Instructional Assistant
Kim Willis Teacher
Mary Lou Greenwell Instructional Assistant
Ashley Tucker Instructional Assistant
Lori Powell Teacher
Kim Dowell Instructional Assistant
Trish Cox Teacher Assistant
Kaylyn Butler Teacher
Donna Wells Instructional Assistant
Amanda Howard Teacher
Anita Taul Instructional Assistant
Kirby Sebastian Teacher
Jennifer Clark Instructional Assistant
Lensie Rudnick Teacher
Leigh Tivitt Instructional Assistant
Kim Carman Instructional Assistant kim.carman@breck,
Donna Smallwood Teacher
Nancy Weedman Instructional Assistant
Cathy Barrett Teacher
Jennifer Gray Instructional Assistant
Pam Tucker Instructional Assistant
Loretta French Instructional Assistant
Freida Yantz ERSEA Disability Consultant
Cindy Graves Director
Sylvia Makowski Primary Caregiver
Dana Martin Family & Community Partnership Manager
Whitney Pile Health Services Coordinator
Crystal Williams ERSEA Services Coordinator
Linda Thompson Family Engagement Services Coordinator
Brittany Lockhart Family Services/Health Specialist
Tiffany Pittman Family Services Specialist/Mentor Coach
Amy Vaughn Nutrition Services Specialist
Susan Gifford Caregiver
Debbie Steiner ECE Services Program Administrator
Althia Caldwell ECE Quality Services Coordinator
Marne Carter Disabilities Coordinator
Karmel Stewart School Readiness Coordinator
Susan Bodell ECE Mentor Coach Specialist
Tabatha Addison ECE Mentor Coach Specialist
Kelly Davis ECE Mentor Coach Specialist
Athena Payne ECE Mentor Coach Specialist
Tammy Saxon Fiscal Operations Specialist
Cindy Brink Support Services Manager
Heather Newsome HR Specialist
Penny Green AP/Payroll Specialist
Hilary Cunningham Procurement
Elizabeth Vazquez Primary Caregiver
Trish Pickett Data Services Specialist
Renee Sexton Director
Justin Collett Assistant Director
Elenor Hall Resource/Maintenance Coordinator
Crystal Baker Lead Teacher
Vanessa Couch Assistant teacher
Lillie Mae Stidham Cook
Jessica Amburgey Associate Teacher
Angela Fields Teacher Assistant
Melissa Tyree Health Specialist
Pamela Hayden Manager of Health and Nutrition
Christy Smith Disability Family and Education Specialist
Anita Ritchie EHS Child Development Specialist
Priscilla Colon Resource Assistant
Billie Slone Lead Teacher
Melissa Lewis Coach
Tia Russell Coach
Samantha Behmke Behavioral Specialist
Michele Caudill Education and Health Manager
Debra Bailey Resource Assistant
Melissa Mullins Coach
Jenell Collier Lead Teacher
Lori Adams Associate Teacher
Victoria Caudill Teacher Assistant
Amy Callahan Associate Teacher
Whitney Maggard Teacher Assistant
Tiffany Reedy Teacher Assistant
Brenda Coots FDA
Ashton Yinger Teacher Assistant
Karen Amburgey Teacher
Pearly Webb Classroom Assistant
Deborah Raglin FDA
Jessica Lewis Classroom Assistant
Adna Napier Lead Teacher
Autumn Wilder Teacher Assistant
Carolyn Sturgill Lead Teacher
Tracy Simpson Teacher Assistant
Norma Joseph Teacher Assistant
Sonja West Associate Teacher
Chari Caudill Family Development Assistant
Sandi Shepherd Assistant teacher
Stephanie Russell Teacher Assistant
Mary Horn Primary Caregiver
Burdell Gilley Family Nutrition
Izumi Wentz Floater
Kim Fithian Director
Cassandra Hollifield Assistant teacher
Teresa Profitt Cook
Amy Collins FDA
Deborah Hicks Family Development
Jasmine Exum Family Advocate
Shelby Webster Community Childcare Specialist
Brittany Patrick Associate Teacher
Ashlee Williams Primary Caregiver
Becky Brewer Family Advocate
Tamara Hoover Family Advocate
Mary Ferguson Family Advocate
Karen DeWitt Teacher
Erin Gonterman Head Start Teacher
Sandy Spicer Resource Assistant
Paula Knight Community Childcare Specialist
Sherry Reynolds Associate Teacher
Gloria Ann Mack-Fleming Family Advocate
Kayla Pike Associate Teacher
Cathy Hall Associate Teacher
Eliza Short Associate Teacher
Kasey Goss Lead Teacher
Catherine Rexroat Lead Teacher
Angela Rice Teacher
Teresa Courtney Teacher Assistant
Marsha Ried Teacher Assistant
Denise Melone Floater
Olivia Foss Teacher Assistant
Jessica Napier Lead Teacher
Darlene Surer Teacher Assistant
Kelcie Fish Lead Teacher
Rhonda Hopewell FDA
Rebecca Holliday Lead Teacher
Rebecca Kilburn Teacher Assistant
Melvin Knight Community Childcare Specialist
Olivia Day Associate Teacher
Kimberly Daniels Teacher Assistant
Carrie Campbell Family Development Advocate
Lisa Light Teacher
Melissa Baxter Lead Teacher
Connie Morris Teacher Assistant
Matthew Lewis Teacher Assistant
Charlene Morgan Lead Teacher
Alicia Raymer Local Area Manager
Cheryl Collett Classroom Assistant
Melissa Guerrieri Teacher Assistant
Debra Jones Fiscal Operations Manager
Quinntana Shobe Teacher
Michele Sullivan Unassigned
Stephanie Abney Teacher
Brandi Bucci Teacher
Kristin Bryant Teacher
Jasmine Rangel Caregiver
Jennifer Chesser Primary
Marian Mikhael Teacher Assistant
Allison Hoskins Teacher Assistant
Sarah Brock Associate Teacher
Angela Stubbs Family Development Associate
Mekayla Belcher Family Advocate
Desiree Canan Teacher Assistant
Lakaii Hedges Primary Caregiver
Donna Elden Teacher
Mary Fleece Program Services Coordinator
Kathleen MacGibbon Primary Caregiver
Lillie Devericks Associate Teacher
Dorothy Baker Lead Teacher
Patty Thornsberry Co-Teacher
Shelia Hatmaker Co-Teacher
Alicia Chmielewski Teacher Assistant ACHMIELEWSKI@OVEC.ORG
Shannon Hood Teacher
Gloria Gloria Teacher Assistant
Brittany Roberts Primary Caregiver
Hailey Ballard Caregiver
Sarah Beard Floater
Erika Casey Unassigned
Joey (Liqing) Kennedy Teacher Assistant
Shamica Patterson Teacher Assistant
Denise Burton Primary Caregiver
Libby Brown Assistant Director libby.brown@lc-caa.org_
Vaughn Nebbitt Vice President of Early Childhood Services VNEBBITT@FAMCHILDPLACE.ORG